Independence Days

Buena Cinco de Julio. Belatedly.

There’s no need to put away your bandana (is there ever?) or dancing shoes just because July 4 has passed.

July 5 is Independence Day for Venezuela, Algeria and the Cape Verde Islands.

My Trinidadian pal Jevan keeps an eye on Venezuelan happenings, it’s just a stone’s throw away from his Caribbean island, and of course wishes them better times, after all they are Caribbeans.

La Scary One and I celebrated Venezuelan Day at the Eatyard next to the Bernard Shaw pub in Dublin today.

With an Arepa with pulled beef which is called La Pabellon.

And we followed the instructions above on how to eat it. Which is big. And there may have been un Cerveja or dos as well.

Visit http://www.republica-de-venezuela.com.

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