Mayflower meanderings

I’m not the first (or last) pilgrim to have lost my way in America. You tend to discover more though when you lose yourself.

Take the Mayflower pilgrims. I learned from the ever-knowledgeable Joanne Campbell, above left, who represents tourism to New England in the UK market that they had been looking for Virginia when they pitched up in Cape Cod, Massachussets in 1620.

We’d taken a circuitous route to get here with Surinder Manku via Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Louisiana, her bailiwicks, and The Ivy in Dublin.

We talked Sazeracs (the new Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans, the birthplace of our favourite mixed drink) and music (Muscle Shoals, the former coffin showroom which became an iconic recording studio and was popularised in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama.

All of which has made me quite thirsty. And has got me thinking about sharing my past life as a cocktail maker for The Scary One.

Is there no beginning to this man’s talents?

Visit www.visit/,

And I’ll keep you updated with what’s going on in these other states and the other 44.

Here’s some Deep South wanderings to get you in the mood… The Promised Land, The story of the Blues, The King of Kings. And..


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