California drivin’

It’s been at least a month since I’ve been in California.

But California came to us at the Alex Hotel, Dublin, when the Visit California Roadshow rolled into town.

Step on the gas: With Claire Doherty, Visit USA Chairperson

I’ll clue you in on all that’s coming up in the Republic of California.

And a simmering surf rivalry that puts Dublin v Cork into the ha’penny place.

And remember for all the latest on the OoEsOfA.

I’m in safe hands with Emma Westman, PR Director for Visit California

And read my LA story on these pages.

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Lets dance! I’ve waltzed with Judy Murray, partied with Brian Lara, manned the barricades with Civil Rights leader Myrlie Evers and even unmasked The Donald as a mariachi fan. Join me (and my bandana) on a madcap tour of the world with the people who make it all possible, our wonderful travel providers.

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