Das boot…

Or how the Germans saved the world.

Now that’s grabbed your attention let me toast adidas for selling 1 million shoes made out of ocean plastic last year.

And, no, it doesn’t mean you’ll slip in the penalty box more often and win more penalties.

Do you want to know about Bavarian cobbler Adolf Dassler? Thought you might.

Adi, as he wisely abbreviated his name to, invented the boot and became something of a hero to the nascent post-war West Germany in the process.

Most importantly to the West German team who stunned the Ferenc Puskas-inspired Hungary team to win the World Cup in 1954, he also invented the screw-in stud which allowed them the better of the conditions.

As a further footnote to history that final which the Germans call the Miracle of Berne was played in the Wankdorf Stadium, Berne.

Someone must have pointed it out to the Swiss who renamed the ground when they demolished and rebuilt it in 1991, calling it the Stade de Suisse, Wankdorf. That should do it, then!

So you want to go to Herzogenaurach to visit the adidas museum?

Reflections on history: adidas. Photo by Paul Voie

Herzogenaurach which is 23km from Nuremberg and 187km from Munich dates back to the 13th century, has a castle, and a Medieval-themed festival Mittelalterspectaculum.

Numerous airlines fly to Nuremberg. I found KLM, a personal favourite which gives you the chance to stop off at one of the world’ great airports Schiphol with a round trip from £156 (€130).

Visit http://www.herzogenaurach.de/en. and http://www.herzo.adidas.com. http://www.klm.com. http://www.schiphol.nl/en.

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