Look who I found in Barbados

Oh well does that mean Ireland’s flirtation with cricket is over now that England remembered they were one-day World champions and have been playing Test matches for 150 years while Ireland are newbies.

Being of the Scottish variety I have long since given up on my teams winning at anything.

Instead I just love the spectacle, the game, and the hospitality.

My Dear Old Dad being brought up near a cricket ground in Glasgow and having played the game with distinction in Scotland I was brought to see touring teams and as a child even got an autograph with the great Gary Sobers.

Half way through life’s innings I joined him again in his native Barbados to watch the cricket.

Whether you like cricket or not, and I say stick with it, you’ll love the all-day part camaraderie and silly costumes.

Visit http://www.visitbarbados.org. And let me convert you to cricket and Barbados…

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