Moanday Morning: Wrong direction

No, not him, or them.

But this…

I could get lost in a telephone box – if I could find them!

But most of the time people just don’t help.

They either give a chuckle or a smile before telling you they wouldn’t start from here or dither before you work out they haven’t a clue either.

By which time you’ve already lost precious time.

Or they send you the wrong way.

People pleasers? PLEASE!

Thank goodness then we’ve got our transport system to help us.

WRONG again!

Country roads may take Olivia Newton-John home but she’s never lived in Co. Wicklow and had to try to find her way home from Rathdrum with those signposts.

Not that Dublin is any better.

I’ve worked in Dublin for 13 years but I still find myself going round in circles.

Take last week when I got lost somewhere by the Four Courts when the DART was forced to halt at Grand Canal Dock and I had to get to Connolly. I know, I know!

But why do the signposts disappear when you most need them and yet throw up directions for obscure places no tourist would darken?

And don’t think the cab drivers will bale you out… half of them have only just arrived in the country.

Google maps is your friend… if you can get internet connection. Visit http://www.google.com.

More of that next week.

Now off to get a chill pill.

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