Kilkenny – give it a hurl

The hurls are out and Kilkenny here in Ireland are already planning to get Liam back.

So for those not in the know you soon will be.

When you hear more about this, the fastest field team sport in the world.

Who’s Liam you ask?

Well, that’ll be Liam MacCarthy who was involved in the establishment of the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) County Board in London in the 1890s.

And he was honoured by having a trophy named after him in 1922.

The Liam MacCarthy Cup’s design is based on a medieval drinking vessel called a mether. 

Hurl power: 360 Degrees of Kilkenny’, with Fred Malzard, Julie Calder Potts, Naoise Nunn Chairman Kilkenny Tourism and Siobhan Donohoe. Picture Jason Clarke.

It was first presented in 1923 – to Limerick who defeated Dublin in the 1921 final.

And that’s where we need to start talking about Kilkenny again.

Because they treat Liam as their adopted son, and his cup as their property.

Favourite son, the Kilkenny All-Ireland hurler Richie Hogan was sharing his expertise with those who attended.

Alongside Fred Malzard from Malzard Hurling Experience http://www.malzards.com.

Whether they gave the guests a belt across the backside if they mentioned the ‘T’ word, Tipperary having defeated Kilkenny in this year’s final, I don’t know.

Stick it to ’em: Louise Jordan and Kilkenny hurler, Richie Hogan. Picture Jason Clarke

Because I wasn’t able to attend but by the wonders of modern communications they told me all about it.

A bit like home

I’ve been entranced by Kilkenny since I first passed through and did a double take when I saw and heard Scottish bagpipers belting out a tune in front of the castle.

The comparisons don’t stop there.

And while my old stomping ground Edinburgh has its Royal Mile, my home city Glasgow has its Style Mile, Kilkenny has its Medieval Mile.

And its culinary delights…

The guests were treated to a tasting menu with Mooncoin Beetroot; Goatsbridge Trout; Kilkenny Rose Veal and Cakeface Patisserie among others.

Star man: Kilkenny hurler Richie Hogan. Picture Jason Clarke

And the drinks makers too: Highbank Orchard; Ballykeefe Distillers and Costello’s provided samples of their products too.

Whatever it is I was doing, and whatever I’m up to next year I’ll put on hold and join my friends in Kilkenny.

When they’ll definitely have Liam along for company http://www.visitkilkenny.ie.

You want to find out how the Irish country is and how it differs from the town… here’s https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/monaghans-country-roads/.

Yes, I know it’s Kilkenny but that’s because I’m saving the best…

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