Hungry and Thursday – Beerfests

I’ve been delayed here in Munich Airport on my way to Athens so I’ve been browsing through the kerching stores.

Ot whatever the German is for them.

Although now that I think of it they probably invented the word such is their love of the oul’ onomatopoeia.

And I’m happy to report that there’s Oktoberfest paraphernalia everywhere.

Shop till you drop

Just as there was back in the mid-Eighties when I went on an Aussie and Kiwi booze bus to Munich.

Of course, you’ve heard me relay the legend of Brownie, Smutley and Rambo before.

But really this holiday was just the gift that kept on giving.

Get some beer in this

The deal was that everyone put into the kitty, went to the camp shop, and took a turn at cooking.

And when it was Peter and Steve’s turn, to give them their Sunday names, they rustled up a breakfast of champions.

They were cooks by trade.

But when it came to Peter’s go he just went out and bought schnapps.

I heart Oktoberfest

And we all got shitfaced as he was prone to say.

So what did we eat in Munich?

Well plenty of bratwurst obvs but they also like to roast half a chickens and serve it up with cabbage and onions.

On a revolving grill like a kebab.

They think is a good idea after a skinful of beer and before and after a rollercoaster.

Put the tin hat on it

The Oktoberfest, despite its name, begins in September, this Saturday in fact, and ends on Sunday, October 6. See www.oktoberfest.de.

I’ll maybe compile it all in an oul’ story for you one of these days but for now can you settle for boozy tales from Dresden Dresden’s renaissance and Hamburg Ich bin ein Hamburger?

Anyone for a keg

And, no, I did not miss the plane on account of being in the bar drinking steins. Probably.

For more on Munich www.muenchen.de and Germany www.germany.travel.


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