A funny thing happened on the way to the Parthenon

Or… A Poxy Lift Now!

The Ergon House Athens www.house.ergonfoods.com puts on a fantastic spread… four in fact.

And their staff will do anything for you.

Including freeing you from a lift you get stuck in for 45 minutes with your eight-strong international party.

And no it wasn’t because we were over the weight allowance after eating…

Salads, Greek specialities, meats and dessert.

We were on the balcony of the restaurant which is a working food market where the foods are sold and also used for your tasty meals.

And the setting is idyllic with a tree in the middle.

We were delighted to be sat here, and to have a view of the tree and the diners below.

Until it came time to leave.

Not being able to find stairs we took the lift.

Which ground to a halt on the er, ground floor.

At which point I’d like to tell you I went into full Hercules mode.

Instead I let born leader Thibault take control.

He organised with the staff that they fetch a seat. Not to sit in, Doh!

But to force a chair leg through to create a gap so we could breathe more easily.

While we waited for the firemen.

And he also got them to send bottles of water through.

Bravo Thibault.

A good night’s sleep at the Athens InterContinental www.athanaeum.intercontinental.com/en, although never ling enough and I was bouncing again.

And up for the next leg of my Greek odyssey…. Flyday Friday… averting a Greek disaster.

Also visit www.aia.gr.

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