Acropolis later

Panos had it covered.

There are demonstrations in downtown Athens. Meh. More demonstrations?

‘The Acropolis? I know a route. Fifteen minutes. €10.’

Which was the price the concierge at the Athens InterContinental quoted me.

Panos is in serious danger of giving cabbies a good name.

Me and the ladies

And after I’d drawn breath and it was time to head back to the hotel, Nic was ready to let his cafe au lait go cold.

And when I asked him the fare… ‘Whatever you think.’

A word or twelve on the Acropolis. Well, there have been 2,000 and more years and millions of bettet scribes than me.

These are my pictures. And when I thought that the Fates had prevented me getting them it just made me elated when I did.

They dressed like this in Classical times

Make your own pictures and memories.

But never be afraid to ask…

www.aia.gr,www.atthenaeum.intercontinental.com/en/ www.athensattica.com/things-to-see/museums/acropolis-museum/.

And www.athensattica.com/things-to-see/sigjhtseeing/acropolis/.

Now if you’ve been following my Greek odyssey then the Gods will be pleased.

If not… then I’m not going to let you off the hook so easily… Flyday Friday… avert a Greek tragedy, Holiday Snaps – Postcard from Kethyra 🇬🇷.

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