Sporting Weekend – Fun & Olympic Games

This Sporting Weekend should this week be bringing you tales of derring-do from the World Cup in Japan.

But let’s derring-don’t.

Because if you’ve been following me these last couple of days you’ll know I’ve been in Athens and Kethyra.

Where the oval ball is all Greek to them.

You can always pick up the current thing in a country from the telly, and that word must have a Greek root.

The basketball is on when we visit and every public grounds seem to have basketball hoops and small five-a-side goals.

For those who like their basketball they’ll know that one of the best players in the NBA is known as the Greek Freak.

And you’re going to ask me his name… well, I’ll be here typing for ever!

One of the joys of the Greek Islands (yes, I get it) is being able to go for a dip without freezing your helix off.

A quick wash

Choose from any one of three seas… the Aegean, Ionian and Cyclades and a plethora of gulfs.

Or the swimming pool at the El Sol Hotel with the best views of Chora Castle. www.elsolhotel.gr/en/.

If the Gods are watching I hope my efforts in the swimming pool meet their approval up on Mount Olympus.

Although for a modern audience I keep my swimming trunks on.

Swim like a frog

The home of the Olympics, I passed by the stadium which was used for the first modern games in 1896.

It has a magical distressed classical look about it, is centrally located and you don’t need to be a marathon runner to get to it.

The Acropolis anyone?

I’m told it’s an hour’s walk – uphill. With my powers of navigation I reckon I’d either be walking 26 miles 385m in some direction.

Or end up in Marathon.

See www.kythera.gr/en/. And follow my odyssey… Flyday Friday… avert a Greek tragedy. Holiday Snaps – Postcard from Kethyra 🇬🇷.

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