Holiday Snaps – Croat of arms

I’m checking out Croatia for the first time next month, a land of natural beauty, a museum of Broken Relationships, and a funky flag.

I’ll get back to the Museum of Broken Relationships in a minute, but first the drapery.

Three horizontal bands of colour, red, white and royal blue looks like the Netherlands flag.

Keepsakes: Museum


You see that distinctive red and white checked coat of arms with a crown on top in the middle.

The checks have given life to one of the most distinctive international football tops out there.

But where did it come from?

Well legend has it that it derives from a chess game between King Drzislav and the Doge of Venice for the lands that are now Croatia.

Very Chris de Burgh and Spanish Train, and the Lord and the Devil!

Bright and beautiful: Zagreb

The good news is that Drzislav won best of three.

The good people of Croatia came to see us last year, including the Deputy Prime Minister.

And they told us about the Museum of Broken Relationships and the cannon which fires paper every day.

The MoBR was the brainchild of Olinka and Drazan who came up with an ingenious solution to how to divvy up their stuff after they broke up.

Fabulous forests: Zagreb

They formed a museum www.brokenships.com which has proved so successful that the Yanks got on board opening their own in Los Angeles.

Of course, LA is a Pandora’s box of delights as I discovered earlier this year…

So have I sold Croatia to you?

Flag happy: Croatia fans

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