Holiday Snaps – the WB Yachts

In one of my more inspired moments I christened the new Irish Ferries ship WB Yachts, a twist on the Irish Nobel-winning poet WB Yeats.

They had invited us to give their new ship a name and were offering free travel for life to the winner.

And it had to be on an Irish theme, with their other ships already boasting literary names.

What’s in a name?

And so I lodged the name in my old newspaper column Holiday Snaps from where your even snappier Blog-ready Holiday Snaps derives.

Imagine then my incredulity when the less snappier WB Yeats won the competition.

Which was something I cheekily brought to their attention when they invited me on earlier this year.

WB Yachts, WB Yeats? It’s still an incredible boaty.

And you can get 10% off bookings next summer to France if booked before December 3.

Available on return bookings from March 28 until September 30. 

The WB which carries 1,800 passengers from Dublin to Cherbourg in Normandy has as you would expect a Yeats theme running through it.

There’s the high-end Lady Gregory Restaurant, above.

The less formal but tasteful Maud Gonne Bar & Lounge, below.

And The Abbey & The Peacock Cinema and Lounge.

And here’s a couple of things that will really float your boat… unlimited luggage and free wi-fi.

Now Yeats is the only poet who I can recite a whole poem from which I can only verify by videoing myself and sharing.

But you’ll be happy to know that I won’t be inflicting my rendition of An Irish Airman Foresees His Death here.

I am reminded now of my old University lecturer George Watson.

A proud native of the North, he kept us enthralled with his witty takes on the great Irish writers.

And he cheekily ended his précis on WB Yeats’ love life by saying: ‘He never did get over Maud Gonne.’

For more information and to book visit www.irishferries.com.

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