Rock and Soll

Alex Thomas belts out a mean tune in the Whiskymuhle in Soll, Austria…

As après ski punters throw shorts of Jagermeister down his throat to lubricate him.

He claims ‘You to me are everything’ as the greatest song of all time, accuses Paolo Nutini of cribbing ‘Losing My Religion’ for ‘Candy’ and refuses to sing Neil Diamond.

B know what ut nhe’s a diamond himself.

And you can give him a cheer on the slopes the next day… https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/soll-mates/

I don’t know what rock groups Bressie’s The Blizzards and The Academic, who supported the Rolling Stones at Croke Park, are like and the first of those bands certainly have the name for it.

These two Irish favourites will headline the Soll Ski and Rock festival from January 15-18.

Braveheart spirit

Gordon and the Bravehearts (Scottish perhaps?) will play on the Wednesday, The Academic on the Thursday and The Blizzards on the Friday.

The festival will be run in conjunction with Ireland’s 2FM station http://www.rte.2fm.ie.

We all love a gig but of course you won’t be able to resist the lure of the skiing…

Soll will have a Ski Safari on the Wednesday, back to ski classes on the Thursday and a Hexen Challenge on the Friday.

Now I know Hexen from our Soll adventure but also from a previous drinking expedition, an adjunct to my much storied Oktoberfests in Munich in the Eighties…

Burning it up

It means witch and Hexengeist is something like witch ghost which sounds better in German.

You burn off the top of the schnapps and then drink it, a bit like Sambucca. It has some kick on it.

And I’m rather more adept at that than flying down the slopes, although in both cases I end up on my arse.

Fly to Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck, all with easy access to Soll.

Book with http://www.wilderkaiser.info and http://wwwskiandrock.tirol.

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