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Now God willing (and we’re on speaking terms now, or at least I am with his Mum) I’ll be off to Sarajevo tomorrow, or Tuesday.

The Communist Eastern and Southern Europe have always fascinated me probably because when I was growing up you couldn’t go there.

Albania was even more intriguing as even if you could get in you’d have to shave off your moustache.

That’ll be Martin Luther then… Dresden

And I was making a poor attempt at growing one then.

And then there was Sarajevo and the Causes of the Outbreak of the First World War which I studied at school.

And studied again at University and which developed into a life passion for history.

All of which this travel lark allows me to explore.

With the help of some friends such as RegioJet Czech Republic whom I met in Dublin recently.

Fact is half the conversation was on their product, coach services in Central, Eastern Europe and some in The West and Scandinavia.

And half on how Australia were going to beat England in the Rugby World Cup… sorry Graham.

Now for a full map of where they go, here’s a website… www.regiojet.com/our-lines/map/index.html.

And some info on reservations… www.regiojet.com.

Hungry for Hungary: Budapest

Now it’s just a matter of choice where you go but I’ll give you a couple of recommendations… Dresden and Salzburg… Dresden’s renaissance and Soll Mates.

I’ve been a signed-up member of coach travel since two famed booze bus trips to the Oktoberfest in Munich.

As a young buck.. I’ve passed through a couple of times without really getting off the autobahn or out of the airport…

Hungry and Thursday: The Munich Beerfest. But you should.

And here’s some cultural nonsense too on the Czechs It’s The Czech Republic… wish you were ear.

I’ll tell you more about Sarajevo after I get there which kind of makes sense.

And more Medjugorje with Marian Pilgrimages www.marian.ie and Aer Lingus www.aerlingus.com.

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