Holidos and don’ts – Passports

Why do we have to surrender our passports to hotels?

It’s not as if they’re national security and they can just as easily cover your expenses and the risk of flight with a credit card.

Because let me tell you you’re always safer when you’ve got your passport in your possession.

Preferably behind lock and key in the safe in your room.

Or if you need to take it out with you then you’ve only yourself to blame if you lose it.

Stamp it out

Yes, it can be pickpocketed but I always think that your front pocket is the best place to keep the passport and the wallet.

And just make sure that you never come close to brushing people in a busy market.

So, why am I hot under the collar over hotels or guest houses taking your passport.

Because there is always the danger that somebody may pick yours up by mistake.

Which is what happened in Tenerife last month when a fellow British traveller picked mine up by mistake and then went walkabout in town.

Tenerife for walkers

Nor did the girl at reception seem particularly bothered as she continued to try to sell hotel goodies to people as I slowly boiled with frustration.

You’ve got my passport

My fellow traveller was deeply apologetic when everything was resolved but I didn’t necessarily blame him as accidents happen.

The thing is that the situation should never exist in the first place.

Of course, every holiday has its hiccups and it in no way marred a wonderful visit to Tenerife which is officially my favourite Spanish island now…

Follow www.webtenerife.com, and read my thoughts on this magical island https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/tenerife-walk/

Our Lady’s town: Medjugorje

Yes magical, but La Gomera and its whistlers may run it close if someone would care to invite me out there.

The old passport tripped me up again on my recent trip, out to Medjugorje in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Daniella took everyone’s passport in the party for safe keeping I guess but also for her own security, but she did give me mine back when I went to Sarajevo for the day.

I would need it for currency exchange.

I miss Sarajevo

Where it went wrong though was because I have another passport too .

And when I got back, tired, I got in a muddle…. all of which I can explain here. https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/10/23/on-the-road-to-dubrovnik/

Medjurgorje, Sarajevo and Bosnia & Herzegovina should be on your list and here are a few sites to help you out… https://www.medjugorje.org, https://sarajevo.travel/en and http://www.bhtourism.ba/eng/

4 thoughts on “Holidos and don’ts – Passports”

  1. Really? Did the tour guide take everyone’s in Medjugorje? I don’t like that. I have had that experience in the past of everyone’s given to the group leader. And when I did get it back for a party when I came back I gave it to the hotel to mind and it walked to him
    I agree with what you have said.
    Very intrusive world we live in. Most countries do it, where hotels take passports but would a wanted criminal walk in under his real name and i will add if you come straight from the airport, how could you be an illegal or a criminal???
    The world has gone mad

    1. Eimeara… my gripe was mainly with the poor reception in Tenerife. And I’m glad you agree. In the hands of unscrupulous people which I’m not saying these guys are the passports could be passed on and forged.

      1. Of course they could be passed on. In this crazy world too many people are allowed to have your passport. Banks, hotels, schools, universities etc etc Even at some borders drivers collect them. And yes i can see your grievance is with tenerife but is it the done thing for guides in Bosnia to collect passports? It wasn’t when i was there. I am thinking of going back so Id like to get a picture. My view is only the holder should hand in something and retrieve it from hotel reception. I have seen too many guides on my travels who think they can take out documents. Think about it would you give your money to someone or let them take it out? Nor of course not.

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