Hungry and Thursday – Food tours

I’ve been on enough pub crawls but maybe it’s a sign of old age and maturity but they’re now turning into grub crawls.

I got on my bike earlier this year, more a group bike ride through Dublin with my friends at Travel Department www.traveldepartment.ie.

Where we refuelled on foot-long pizzas at Pizza Yard www.pizzayard.ie and much much more.

Grub crawls are a great way to see a city, or region, and work off some of the food.

And you’ll also get talking, verbally (kids, ask your parents) to other people.

It’s a proper, culinary, way to sample foods, an upgrade on fast foods if you like.

And I was reminded of food trails when attending the Fermanagh Lakelands http://www.fermanaghlakelands.com breakfast in Dublin this week.

With their emphasis on the Taste of Fermanagh.

Food trails can, of course, be adapted to anywhere but one with particularly strong memories is Colorado.

Where Clark (he would have to be from the Rockies State, wouldn’t he?) took us along Pearl Street.

I was particularly taken by the Fennel salad in one and shrimp in another Boulder eaterie.

Yes, that Boulder where Mork and Mindy did their nanu, nanu (again ask your parents).

And just because I want to relive it again… The New Pioneers: The Wild West.

It always helps when you’re in the apron of the Rockies and Clark, of Local Table Tours https://www.localtabletours.com.

And a beat box rap singer is on the corner too belting out his tunes.

Did I say that we also popped by a Bluegrass band too whose singer was a friend of our host Jennifer.


Visit www.colorado.com.

And while we’re there the Denver Milk Market serves up more than just milk and Denver much more too… www.vistdenver.org.

Fly Aer Lingus www.aerlingus.com and British Airways www.britishairways.com as a paired ticket Dublin-London-Denver return.

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