Give us this day – Tobago

You’re never a stranger for long in Tobago.

Pastor Ann announced ‘a stranger’ to her congregation at the Bread of Life Ministries in Crown Point www.breadoflifekey.org

And then spontaneously fellow worshippers were shaking my hand and welcoming me to their flock.

The Scot who lives in Ireland and is giving thanks to God for his blessings… and this island.

Sunday worship in the Caribbean is an occasion in which everyone joins in.

Grandparents, parents, children all dancing, clapping and throwing their arms in the air.

And that’s not just the worship group at the front.

God is good

The first preacher begins with stirring words on how good God is.

And how much we need him in our lives.

He sways around the altar raising the congregation up to fever pitch.

Ably accompanied by a keyboardist and drummer.

Before bursting out into song.

If you don’t know the words or the tune don’t worry you’ll soon catch on.

It is a hypnotic Caribbean spiritual beat.

Jehovah will show the way the singer, who has a three-woman choir to harmonise with, assures me.

After a good 45 minutes, where he contorts his face, shoulder and upper body into his worship of God, he definitely shows the way…

To the reader who brings it all back to the Bible.

This is faith unembarrassed, unembarrass-able, shouted from the rooftops.

In fact I’d surprised if my party here this week with www.visittobago.gov.tt can’t hear it 250 metres away.

Across the road in Kariwak Holistic Haven, Bon Accord Village www.kariwak.com.

And remember all this theate and spiritualist enlightenment is free…

Although, you would have to have a heart of stone not to dance up to the front with your fellow worshippers and new best friends.

To make an offertory donation.

And just when I ready myself for the closing prayer Pastor Ann emerges from the choir.

As a bolt of thunder.

With today’s lesson. I swear she grows before me. I know I do.

Jehovah may show the way but the Pastor is shouting out the directions.

Alas for me inevitably it has to be to the exit door… I need to meet my party.

Answer to my prayers

It is time to head for the airport… ‘just around the corner’ as they say on the island.

It is the fitting way to give thanks to God for his favours… and this island.

And slip in a prayer.

So guess what, He answered and Celtic won the League Cup.

And if you’ve enjoyed my Tobagonning, here’s a recap…

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And Barbados Let’s rumba in Barbados and My kiss with Rihanna are ‘just around the corner.’


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