Flyday Friday – On the right Rhodes

All roamers lead to Rhodes… and from today Aer Lingus too.

Ireland’s national airline www.aerlingus.com carrier has added the Greek island to its European roster from May of next year.

We all first heard of the Dodecanese island back in school as being the location of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Rhodies, as I’ve decided to call them, erected the statue to the God Helios, in thanks for victory over the Cretans (and that is really what they call them)..

The Colossus must have put the fear of, well if not Jaysus as he wasn’t around in 280BC (and the clue is in the BC) then Zeus.

Although why he sent an earthquake to destroy it and its inhabitants 14 years later only Zeus can answer.

But what’s important for us is:

(a) that Aer Lingus is flying directly from Dublin out to Rhodes Town www.visitrhodes.com in May.

(b) that Helios is well chosen as its God because the sun never stops shining there.

And (c) that the Old Town of Rhodes is a World Heritage site and the island is filled with ancient relics.

I only hope that it can acccommodate another.

I renewed acquaintance this year with the Greek Islands after 25 years having honeymooned in Corfu… www.corfu-tourism.com.

I have to confess that I had never heard of the Attica island (that’s Athens’ region) of Kythera www.visitkythera.com until this year.

But I have now and here it is in all its glory…

Rhodes follows hard on the heels of Brindisi, Puglia and Alghero, Sardinia as new Aer Lingus routes.

But it’s not just Dublin which is being served, of course.

Aer Lingus has opened up Shannon-Paris and Barcelona as part of a new summer schedule.

Great cities both but it’s Ancient Greece which is on our minds here… so here’s a reminder of why it has captivated us for centuries.

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