I’ll vouch for a last-minute gift

It’s the night before Christmas so there’s still plenty of time to buy your present.

In fact no self-respecting bloke will even think about his gift until now.

It was important that I keep my gift for the Scary One fresh.

The bacon, sausages and eggs and tray of puddings.

Frying tonight

You see I couldn’t very well give her just the non-stick frying pan.

Which in my defence she had told me earlier in the year that she wanted.

Though not necessarily for her Christmas.

And the next year… I got her a spa voucher.

Oh, that’s the spot

Vouchers may seem prosaic but they really do the job.

Better somebody gets to buy what they want.

Than they have to gamble that it’s a surprisingly good gift.

Ryanair www.ryanair.com vouchers start at €25. And with flights from as low as €9.99 you’ll be quids in.

If like me you live in Leinster in the east of Ireland. Or if it’s one of your favourite places.

Flyin’ tonight

Then you’ll know all about the InterContinental http://www.intercontinentaldublin.ie  and from my stay there… The InterCon… what a Ledge!

The Dublin 4 institution is offering the chance of winning an overnight stay in an executive suite including Full Irish breakfast.

If you buy a voucher. From €25 up to €500.

Likewise Lusty Beg Island (now there’s a name) and Enniskillen Hotel. From €50-€500.

Visit www.reservations@lustybegisland.com and info@enniskillenhotel.com.

And if you’re sights are set on the US for next year, mine’s always are…

Then American Holidays www.americanholidays.com have vouchers for sale to make your American dream come true.

And if you’ve found you’ve missed the boat get your coloured pencils out and draw a voucher.

In lieu of the gift you’re giving. And it’s got your imprint on it.

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