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Cruiseday Tuesday – Beethoven cruise

It was the classical music of my childhood days – the Beethoven tune that played out from my Mum’s jewellery box.

Beethoven’s Fur Therese. Come again… should that not be Fur Elise?

Well, no, if you plump for Therese Mulfati as the most likely candidate for Elise ahead of Elisabeth Rockel and Elise Barensfeld.

Light up: Strasbourg

Which I am with my Mum a Teresa who in her poetic youth styled herself Therese.

All of which stuff and nonsense brings me around to the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

Amsterdam tales

Take a river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel.

Taking in Ludwig’s house in Bonn, a live concert in Amsterdam’s Dominicus church.

Call (0808) 115 832 or email

Majorca corker

There’s a ship out there

Where was your first cruise and did it live up to expectations?

Mine’s was Majorca. It’s in the mists of history now but warm in my memory.

And soon to be part of your cruising experience too after I found some old cuttings in my early Spring clean…. Smooth sailing around the Western Med

Which I’ll write up for you once The Scary One gives me a coffee break.

But back to Majorca and my old friends TUI have savings of €200 per booking on sailings from May-October.

Highlights of the Mediterranean: Dublin to Majorca. Board the Marella Discovery for seven nights all-inclusive and enjoy an inside cabin from €1029. For May 2.

Harbour your dreams

Colourful Coasts: Dublin to Tenerife. On the Marella Explorer in an inside cabin. All-inclusive. Seven nights from €992pps.


And here’s a reminder of what a wonderful island Tenerife is A walk through the ages… Tenerife: you’ll really want to stay longer.

So, where was your first cruise and was it your best? Let me know and we’ll share the love.


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