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Hungry and Thursday – Gone Fishing

So Herself has a couple days off – we don’t move into our new house, old country, for a week.

So we’ve been living out of the fish and chip shop.

Here in Ireland it’s a chipper, in Scotland it’s a chippie.

So, this Hungry and Thursday let’s look at fish and chips and whose are better.

And a wee pint afterwards

Do you want mayo with it?

The Ashvale, Great Western Road, Aberdeen: Skip your breakfast…

The award-winning Ashvale with its iconic ‘whale’. Finish one and you get the next free.

You’ll need something hot

The Clam Shell, Edinburgh High Street: The Clam Shell is where you can get the best battered haggis and chips.

Glasgow lights up

The Chip-Chik-Inn, Fulton Street, Glasgow’s West End: We used to go here every Friday to give my Mum a break.

And my brother would always give out about the ‘black bottoms’ on the fish, my favourite part.

I take a trip down Memory Lane every time I’m back in my home city… and they give me two pieces of fish.

Where’s your favourite chippie or chipper? Let me know and we’ll share the love.

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