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Bye, bye baby – Cerny’s Prague

No, I haven’t been on the weed in one of the many shops selling by the Castle in Prague – I really do have a baby climbing the TV Tower above my head.

I’m noticing the baby doesn’t seem to be held on too well to the surface.

Nor is he wearing a nappy – I fear an accident.

David Cerny’s ‘Climbing Babies’ have become a symbol of modern Prague.

With my new pal Elise

One of many wonderfully irreverent, but never irrelevant, symbols of how today’s Czechs cock a snook at perceived taste, and authority.

Leave baby outside

The Climbing Babies (there are 13) are thought to be inspired by ET’s desire to get home.

What a shower.

But Cerny never reveals the meaning of his sculptures so you can put your own interpretation on it.

We have a hot chocolare halfway up the 216m TV Tower in the Oblaca Bar (it means clouds).

Where we are told we can see a baby out of the window.

When we can’t I ask our ever-obliging guide Jirina if she will hang out the window for me.

Read all about it: Myself, Jirina and some light reading

Perhaps not a good idea though in a city where they have a history of throwing people out of windows…

And over the King Charles Bridge… if they don’t agree with them.

I have come across Cerny’s handiwork before.

Things are looking up: Other tall towers

On my last visit Hope springs eternal to Prague and the Czech Republic.

Sittin’ around

Which comes as little surprise.

Lie back and think of the Vatican

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