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Rainy days and songdays – Der Beatles

There are places I’ll remember. All my life though some have changed


John Lennon would clearly recognise Liverpool, his home city, today.

By its riverfront and the iconic Liver Birds. But the area around The Cavern Club has changed out of hand.

More gentrified than even I remember it.

From the year I spent on Merseyside in the Nineties when the Son and Heir was born.

While the Cavern Club isn’t the sweaty cavernous throb of humanity it was at its Mersey Beat height.

But well worth visiting, as is Liverpool

Beatles fans will know that while John Lennon acknowledged (how could he otherwise?) that he hailed from Liverpool…

He actually grew up in Hamburg.

Where the Rieperbahn remains relatively unchanged.

Since the days that John, Paul, George, Stuart and Pete learned their craft.

Of course we know that John’s best pal Stuart stayed behind with German girlfriend Astrid.

When the boys went back to Liverpool.

And that Ringo who was with another English band in Hamburg at the same time went onto replace Best.

Let’s sleep on it: Beach Club in Sankt Pauli

All of which, and more, you can learn on Stefanie Hempel’s Beatles-Tour

See the door that Lennon was pictured in front of for his Rock ‘n’ Roll covers solo album.

Stefanie riffs away Beatles songs on her ukulele (George’s favourite instrument), on the tour.

Guten Morgan: The Reichshof in Hamburg

And takes you around Beatles haunts.

And ends up performing a set at the Sankt Pauli Museum

Stay in the historic Reichshof…

In Lennon’s life, he truly did love Hamburg more.

And you can learn more in Hamburgers and ships while you should also check out

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