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Holiday Snaps – Vegas Maybe

We all feel we know it and the naysayers don’t even want to entertain it but this week it’s Vegas baby!

Even if I can’t be there as planned for the annual American Travel Fair I am celebrating with them virtually.

While I’m also wearing out the new album by the Greatest Band in the World.

Of course I’m fortunate enough to have done the whole Vegas thing and Strip… the light fantastic.

But, yes, of course you can’t just do Vegas once… so let’s get it done in ’21.

Vincent’s town

So what would the Potato Eaters have made of this COVID-19 crisis?

The Potato Eaters was Vincent Van Gogh’s favourite painting and it is only by getting up close and personal to see why.

Space to breathe: To take in the Van Goghs

The Van Gogh Museum reopens in Amsterdam on Monday and some much needed colour will come back into people’s lives.

For Britons, of which I am one in its Scottish shade, Amsterdam is one of the most accessible and attractive destinations.

In the frame: At the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

And it can easily be reached, either by ferry or air, or now since the Tunnel by train.

The Scary One, back when she was a lovesick Miss F, and I took the boat and there is still something romantic about arriving by sea.

My little flower: In Amsterdam

See and Pictures of Amsterdam and

Wild Rover

I’ve been a Wild Rover for many a year. And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer

This old Irish traditional song was the soundtrack of my student days in Aberdeen and Aberdeen – a light in the north.

And many a night we rolled out of a bar singing this drinking shanty.

St Kevin’s Tower

It’s a brilliant name if you ever wanted to set up a coach tour around Ireland.

Which I was thinking of doing… only it’s been done before.

By the innovative John Goldrick and

John is adapting his coach tours with reduced capacity and prices, and smaller private tours.

Herself in Glendalough

Among the destinations is the Garden County of Co. Wicklow, Glendalough, the Sally Gap et al.

All of which gives me the chance too to flag up our favourite Wicklow hotel Powerscourt And Flowerscourt. And


2 thoughts on “Holiday Snaps – Vegas Maybe”

    1. Sophie, Yes… you really see the crustations on the paintings. I love Amsterdam, the Rijkmuseum, the Tulip Museum, the Cheese Museum… get yourself out there.

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