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Covid-day Snaps – Flying Turkey and Canaries

We’ve all seen a Turkey and Canaries fly and taken it for granted.

But not any more as we’re all excited about those two favourite destinations opening up to Irish visitors.

Next stop Istanbul

Turkish Airlines have just announced that they are resuming their Dublin service.

TA will fly Wednesday and Sunday, both of which work for me… Wham bam, thank you Hamam and Turkish delight: Airline that has it all.

Canarian dry run

Walk this way… Tenerife

The Canarians have left most of us in their tailspin in the way they’ve handled the crisis.

And they are ready to welcome us back with quarantine lifted from July 1.

You will be encouraged to test 72 hours before flying, will be required to test on arrival and then when you get home.

And when you get on your island you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite Canarian experiences.

You’ll be able to get out on the beaches with some social monitoring while small boats will be running too.

By hook or by crook. With

Walking trails are already open and walking festivals are planned to be rescheduled on Gran Canaria from October 22-25.

And you know how much I like a good oul’ walk… and A walk through the ages… Tenerife.

Walk like a Tahitian

Dance away. On Tahiti

Lockdown has allowed us all to bring the world to us.

And although I know which I’d prefer we have all learned new skills.

Such as how to dance like a Tahitian…

Perle Renvoyé, winner of Best Female Dancer at the Heiva 2018, is streaming live classes on her Facebook Page and on Zoom. 

Our South Seas friends ate also bringing us while if you want to talk like a Tahitian, here’s

Ireland, the new home of golf

Rough and smooth… plenty of beautiful scenery to play around

Ireland has been chipping away at Scotland’s position as the Home of Golf.

They’ve most recently held the Open Golf Championship on the island for the first time since the Fifties.

Scottish hotels remain closed, and I pass by the Marine Hotel in North Berwick every day watching golfers.

And I think of the guests who could be staying there.

Irish hotels are reopening with Drumoland Castle partnering with Doonbeg Golf Course to offer a two-nights luxury stay at both resorts.

From Monday, July 20. The deal is from €1228pp. Visit

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