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Protesting – it’s all Greek to me

We had to go the long round to get to the Acropolis…. the Greeks were protesting but then as my taxi driver mentioned there’s always a protest in Greece.

They’ve been at it too this week in protest against the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Which is inarguably a cause any right-thinking and progressive human being should be supporting.

On Mount Lycabettus overlooking Athens

But can we just hold our breath for a minute here as protesting in tens of thousands will merely spread Covid?

The Alpha and the Omega

The Greeks may have earned the right to do what Greeks do and smash plates and rail against authority.

There have only been 180 deaths in Hellas.

And there in a nutshell is another reason why we should resume travel to Athens and its islands and My Greek odyssey.

The pillars on which civilisation was built

And why quarantine is a bankrupt theory.

As an expert said on TV today (I think he must have read me) it’s safer to live in Europe than here in Britain with our 40,000 + deaths.

And rising, and more to come as people breathe all over each other in masses outside American Embassies or just the city square.

A lesson from Mississippi

It might be unrealistic to try to keep the lid on things in America but not impossible.

The grand opening of the two museums, the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, The Promised Land in Jackson, Mississippi in 2018 was hijacked by Donald Trump.

Which brought a rash of boycotts to his visit.

An old-fashioned Irish tactic against Captain Boycott, this would be a responsible tactic to today’s events as would civil disobedience.

Now I love a good protest as much, if not more, than the next guy. Probably my Scottish and Irish blood.

But remember the Covid bug has no political conscience, so let’s all hold our fire and our breath.

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