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Caribbean dreamin’ again

It was timely that the Caribbean webinair screened just as the West Indies were set to take to the cricket field to face England.

Because by the wonders of technology I would be able to get double bubble of the Caribbean.

Of course I didn’t need to multi-task because this being England inevitably rain stopped play.

And so I was able to give my undivided attention to the videos and messages from the sun-kissed West Indies.

So let’s hit the sand running here and say that from this month and next the Caribbean is welcoming us back.

As only they know how.

Time away from the kids. At Sunset in Jamaica

In other goat-related news

Grenada, the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands all made pitches.

Jump in, the water is safe… in Jamaica

And Sunset Resorts Jamaica’s Mindy joined us at what was 6am in her homebase of the US.

She got off to a flier when she told us of their goat Betty at their Sunset at the Palms resort

She came to help with a bit of gardening, met a Billy… the hotel married them.

And you guessed it… they had kids.

Sunset boulevards

And this gets even better. Sunset at the Palms is a couples hotel so these are the only kids allowed!!!

Although they have two other family resorts on the island.

I know a thing or two about couples hotels in the Caribbean myself.

I was brought out to Club Barbados on the island’s Platinum Coast My kiss with Rihanna

Even though I was on my own.

And when I was acting the goat

While I’m all about the goats as you know from my Tobago adventures… and

I’ll meet you on a Caribbean beach soon and meanwhile I’ll continue to keep you updated on the best set of islands.

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