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Hungry and Thursday – Teacake gobbler or nibbler?

The Scottish teacake is a very different cousin to its English relative just as your favourite blogger is very different from my very own Little English Teacake.

The Scottish teacake is a semi-circular chocolate-covered cake with a marshmallow filling and biscuit base.

While the English equivalent is a sweet bun with dried fruit, typically served toasted and buttered.

How do you open tbis?

And us Scots celebrate our teacake as an important culinary and cultural part of our identity.

Glasgow is my cup of tea

So that when Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games, dancing teacakes jumped around the track as part of the Opening Ceremony.

But while we all agree that we love nothing better than eating a teacake with our tea we will often spend the time arguing about how to ear them.

Oh, you broke the chocolate…

So are you a gobbler or a nibbler?

Apparently according to a survey of 100 Scots conducted by onepoll for the Chester Hotel in the Granite City of Aberdeen one in four of us eat the filling first and then the biscuit base.

While the second most popular method is to strip the chocolate first.

And it seems my age group, the 35-54-year-olds, are ten times more likely to be chocolate strippers than the next generation.

Where are you from?

One in ten of us are nibblers with more women than men going that way.

And 13% of us whack it down in a oner.

And if you want something else too

Even within that there are regional variations with some surprising conclusions.

While Edinburgh is seen as the refined capital of Scotland its citizens like to munch big mouthfuls of their teacake while Highland and Islanders will stick the oil’ teacake in their mouths in a oner.

On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond they like to eat the biscuit base first.

Don’t eat with your mouth full

One from each shelf?

I’m not sure how my fellow Glaswegians eat them, but outside of genteel Kelvinside I’m afraid that loquacious lot that they are they probably eat them while they’re still talking!

I know Aberdeen is in temporary lockdown but when you do get back out you should book yourself an afternoon tea at the Chester Hotel in Queen’s Road from €26.50 while a Champagne afternoon tea is also available.

Takeaway afternoon tea – provided in the Chester Hotel take-away tea caddies – are available to book online


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