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The Sapeurs – the colours of Africa

We all remember them Made of More from the Guinness advert… the stylish Sapeurs of the poorest country on Earth, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And La Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (Sapeurs) or the Society of Elegant Men of the Congo got another outing.

Now I used to have a pair of yellow trousers

On the excellent BBC show Africa with Ade Adepitan.

In the most recent episode, Ade meets the men who put much needed extra colour into their lives.

And those around them with their peacock clothes and dancing.

Have kilt, will travel

I was particularly taken, naturally, by the dude who dressed up in a kilt, Prince Charlie jacket and Tam O Shanter.

Dressed to thrill

Looking something like Usain Bolt when he wowed the Glasgow crowd with his lap of honour at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

The colours of Glasgow: The Jamaicans in 2014

The Sapeur explains that he got his look from Prince Charles, and I’d pay to see Charles sashay like this bloke… or maybe not.

With Adams & Butler’s Kasao Learat and Ethiopian Airlines’ Meseret Tekalign Bekele

Needless to say I want to get out there to meet this Kinshasa chameleon.

Ethiopian Airlines flying high

I’ll have to put it on the long gyrating finger for just now but I have hope.

My cup of coffee

My friends at Ethiopian Airlines with whom I have enjoyed an Enkutatash (New Year) or two in Dublin fly London to Kinshasa from £609 return.

While Adams & Butler, with whom I have also broken bread, offer high-end travel all over Africa.

Bandana Africa

The Sapeurs say that it is not about the suit but the man in the suit.

So when I get out to Kinshasa I will have my kiltie with me with my own personal stamp… my bandanas.

I’m not skirting around the issue

And, because it is never the done thing to wear the same thing twice, my Maldives sarong too.

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