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Hungry and Thursday – Daddy/Daughtery Monaco cocktails

And back in the day when Daddy’s Little Girl was littler I used to make her mocktails.

When I was making us ‘grown-ups’ Summer Breezes, Mai Tais, Tequila Mockingbirds, Singapore Slings and my go-to Strawberry Daiquiris.

Those cocktails have killed some brain cells and eroded my memory so I can’t quite remember what was in my Daylight Strawberry.

Dublin’s fair city

Of course Daddy’s Little Girl has moved onto big people’s drinks.

And we have clinked glasses around with my travel partners and friends around my erstwhile home, Dublin.

These days it’s the sleepy rugby and golf retirement town of North Berwick where we grabbed us some cocktails.

At our new local, the Fly Half bar at the Netherlaw.

And cocktails at home

Where confirmed dudeist that she is she went for a White Russian, in homage to her new favourite film, The Big Lebowski,

And I flirted with The Monaco which was listed on the menu.

A cursory look on Cyberspace pointed towards a drink with amber beer although my cocktail waitress reported that hers consisted of Prosecco and Chamboise.

Something lost in translation there… just like it was in Cannes where we went for Dawn drinks at some spanking hotel.

Dudeist Laurie

And the barman put a dash of Prosecco and Aperol and big scooshes of orange juice and soda and charged us €18.50.

I was doing them for less than €1 at home.

Better when you’re on the French Riviera, and you will be again, going to Mandelieu La Napoule.


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