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Holiday Snaps – TUI for two

All our holidays were booked through Thomson because we had a discount through working for their newspaper arm… so I’m backing them over Zante.

That, and because I have travelled with them since, and know that they have built their richly-deserved reputation on competence.

Now, we’ve all been on airplanes where the punters are revolting.

And short of putting security on board I fail to know what the holiday provider or cabin crew can do about it.

It has always struck me as something of a miracle that more incidents don’t happen on planes.

The narrative around this is unsurprisingly familiar, depressing and patronising.

We all of us know the risks we take on an everyday basis, either travelling, or crossing the road.

And this COVID has just allowed our leaders to constrain our civil liberties.

A Greek epic

So as an adult I won’t be put off taking a TUI package holiday. Instead I’m doubling down and bringing you their Greece deals.

And because the Ionian Islands were our first holiday as a married couple I give you two nights out of Manchester to Zante.

Down from £704pp to £398pp. Leaving Friday.

And because Greece is an odyssey worth taking I offer you my epic.

Wizard castle

Every Irishman’s home is his castle

And why not..? Try to sprinkle a bit of Harry Potter magic dust on your business.

Kilkea Castle, an hour from Dublin, boasts a Hermione Restaurant.

Don’t ask me why and don’t worry about toads and spiders, you’ll be getting exclusive culinary fare.

Anyhoos, you can be lord or lady of the manor with golf, tennis, rambling and spa pampering all on tap.

A triple bef

A one-night stay at The Castle with dinner at the Restaurant 1180 and breakfast the following morning is from €335 per room.

While a two-night lodge B&B stay with dinner at Hermione’s Restaurant or the Clubhouse Bistro on an evening of your choice.

From €300 per room.

Pure Michigan

In black and white

It’s a black humour which our holiday providers, our dream-makers, sorely need as they struggle to preserve their livelihoods.

And this one comes from my friend Yolanda who represents Michigan.

And in whose company, and the-then Lieutenant Governor of Michigan, Brian Calley, we dined at Dublin’s iconic Shelbourne Hotel

On the eve of the last American Presidential election when as a Republican he gave us the lay of the land.

City on a lake: Detroit

And explained that Hillary’s problem was that if she’d only fessed up over Emailgate people would have gladly forgiven her.

While it had been a mistake to go after The Donald over not showing his tax records because the American Dream was built on getting rich.

And the public were no fans of the taxman.

Between all this we learned much about Pure Michigan, Detroit obvs and small town cherry festivals too.

And as my Dear Old Dad used to sing… ‘Life is just a bowl of cherries.’


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