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Rainy Days and Songdays – Hit The Road Jack

Woah woman don’t you treat me so mean, you’re the meanest old woman that I’ve ever seen – Ray Charles (Hit the Road Jack)

I guess it’s karma. I’m sitting in the front room going through the names on the itinerary for our Czech trip and my eye falls on the name of Agnetha.

Which, of course, I have to mention to the Scary One, not once, but twice.

‘I know what you’re trying to do,’ The Boss shoots back without even raising her head from her book.

Grandmamma mia!

I meet Agnetha on our first day at The Castle in Prague and she’s not Ms Faltskog, of Abba fame.

Drinks all round: In the Spa Triangle

But a grey-haired bespectacled lady of advanced years.

Of course, that only told half the story.

Agnetha is as sparky and engaging company as anybody I’ve met on my travels.

As Katarína, our host, found out when Agnetha raised the thorny subject of the Swedes’ war with the Bohemians back in the day.

Swede dreams

That passion wasn’t reserved for the great subjects of the day though, and the 17th century, of which I imagine she was acquainted.

On the Charles Bridge

And she pulled me up onto the dance floor on our last evening when Ray Charles, another peer too I guess, and Hit the Road Jack came on.

When the jazz band were in full swing in Frantiskove Lazny in ths Spa Triangle.

The Czechs have a real affinity with Jazz.

Swan lake? No, the River Vltaca

And you’ll see Jazz saxophonists doing their thang at any time of the day on Charles Bridge… a real pleasure.

Like all Travel acquaintances myself and Agnetha exchanged our details at the end of the trip.

And with her living in Sweden and me in Ireland at the time that ought to have been it.

At the John Lennon Wall in Prague

Only Agnetha was the first person I bumped into on my first day at my first IPW. the American Travel Fair, in Washington DC.

And then the following year in Denver and then last year in Anaheim.

We meet again

I was, of course, looking forward to seeing her this year in Las Vegas, only that has been put off until next year.

When hopefully Agnetha will save the last dance for me.

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