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Yes Yukon – 125 years since the Gold Rush

Yes Yukon. Happen if I had been a young buck in 1896 I would have been searching for gold in them thar hills.

Listen it’s got so bad in Murty Demesne that I’ve taken to burrowing up in the Pentland Hills around Edinburgh.

Grandpa Murty too went to Canada to try to make his fortune (actually sent there to get himself out of trouble in Scotland).

But that was later.

London’s calling

Yukon has been in the public conscience this year again with the remake of Jack London’s Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford.

Turning back the clock: A bygone age

My good friend Jo, who babysits the British and Irish journalists at IPW, the American Travel Fair, is a mine of information on Yukon.

And she has dug us out this….

Hit the trail

The Chilkoot Trail traces the prospectors’ path from Skagway, Alaska through the Yukon to Bennett Lake, British Colombia.

Across the ravine, the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway chugs over the pass (this woman’s a poet).

En route through the coastal mountains to Carcross village.

Visitors can enjoy Gold Rush tours of the Klondike Gold Fields and also pam for gold.

Dawson City

Jack London fans will love the Jack London Museum and Cabin in Dawson City.

You, of course, will be staying somewhere a lot more salubrious.

The Dawson Lodge is a new ten-bedroom environmentally-conscious boutique-style hotel with Gold Rush ambience.

And Yukon will ensure you don’t feel alone even though there are only 40,000 human types across an area the size of Spain.

You will get a welcome from its 180,000 caribou, 70,000 moose, 22,000 mountain sheep, 7,000 grizzly bears, 10,000 black bears and 250 bird species.

Heavenly dancers

While there’s plenty of life too up there in the skies with those heavenly dancers, the Northern Lights.

It’s just one more frontier for this Wild West frontiersman to cross.

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