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Saint-Tropez sidecar

No I’ve a vision of myself, wind blowing my luscious locks, one hand on the wheel, smoking a Gauloise. But I’ll more than settle for a Saint-Tropez sidecar.

I have a mixed history with transport on the French Riviera which goes back to my post-school camping trip to Saint Raphael.

My Fiat 500 fun

When the gendarmes pulled us up for drunkenly stopping the traffic.

Road to Monte Carlo

We also pulled the blinds down and hid in our booths from the guards to save money en route to Monte Carlo.

While 40 years later I had the car keys wrenched from my hand after twice stalling my classic Fiat 500 in the car park.

I’ve resigned myself then to admitting that someone else is better off driving.

More fast cars

And the Scary One too who has resigned me to the passenger’s seat.!

Side helping

The sidecar vineyard tour option drew my eye.

In the release that landed in my inbox flagging up Airelles Saint-Tropez.

You take the lead

Juilliet 1 is the date for the Chateau de la Messardiere destination opening up under the Airelles brand.

When you’ll also get the chance to sign up to a private helicopter day trip in the chic party set getaway.

And alongside a speedboat around the Cote D’Azur which I enjoyed a few years ago I can’t think of a better way to see the Riviera.

Unless, of course, it’s a hot air balloon.

The big balloon

Up, up and away

Now I’ve been chasing the big balloon for 35 years…

From the Royal County of Berkshire in England to Orlando to South Africa.

But like buses there’s always another along later so I’m holding out thar the Saint-Tropez one will be it.

Nobu gastronomy

Now that’s me covered but you might be interested to hear it being France there’s obviously a culinary aspect.

And Nobu Matsuhisa will be partnering with Airelles.

A balcony view

While for the femme in your life there’s a perfume making workshop.

La chambre

That’s the Scary One’s souvenir sorted.

Now back practising my rolls for my Saint-Tropez sidecar.

Rates at Chateau de la Messardiere start from €1,150 in a classic room based on a new inclusive rate with les bells et les whistles.


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