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Step into Seville

It’s an image we all hold dear of Spain, flamenco dancing, and I would get my fix every year when I would Step into Seville.

My friends Teresa, Maria and Kathryn from the Spanish Tourist Board are legendary in Irish circles for their hospitality.

I’ve ‘run with the bulls’, made pulpo and done the whole Feliz Navidad thing.

And every year the boys from Seville (and girls) would skip into Dublin to put on a very special dancing display.

Flamenco moves

But you try doing it

Of flamenco in the lofty surroundings of Trinity College Dublin.

With our favourite Balearics being messed about on the traffic light system our attentions have switched back to the big peninsula on the left.

Our old faithfuls, Travel Department, are all over Spain and are offering an awesome Andalucian adventure.

Columbus city

Anyone know where we’re going?

You’ll be based in Costa de la Luz which is tucked around the corner from the Straits of Gibraltar.

You’ll take a day trip to explore this old Moorish gem with its impressive cathedral, La Giralda tower and the Alcazar Palace.

Seville is from where Christopher Columbus set off for the New World.

And you thought it was Barcelona from the statue of Chris in Las Ramblas, only he is pointing towards Constantine, Algeria.

Drink it in

Reflections of Valencia

Well, Chris wasn’t the greatest navigator, he’d gone west to try to find the east and India.

To find out more about the famous Genovese take in the Muelle de las Carabelas

You’ll have earned your vino at the end of all that education and that’s just what you’ll get.

And I’m that my Tres Amigas had that on tap at those famous Seville nights.

Deal me in

And, of course there’s oranges

September and October will still be warm in the old city and Travel Department have dates for September 6, October 4 and 22. And next March.

And I’ve drunk too much orange juice

Prices from £799pp for seven nights half board.

So join me and step into Seville and Andalucia.


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