Defending Liverpool and Dresden’s Heritage

My old stomping ground is in good company which is why today I’m defending Liverpool and Dresden’s Heritage.

Now Liverpudlians have long held up as the butt of people’s jokes around the UK.

Out of pure jealousy.

Because they possess the biggest pop band of all time and the most successful football club in the UK.

Jealousy, blue-eyed monster

Everton legends: The Old Goodison Stadium

It is Liverpool’s blue club Everton though and their new ground which has put the kibosh on their World Heritage status.

And their new projected riverside stadium which UNESCO deem is an eyesore.

But as the Liverpool burghers rightly argue a city is not stuck in aspic.

And I expect the new stadium will in fact enhance the city.

A new city

Dresden is playing my tune

Liverpool’s exclusion by UNESCO will only harden Liverpudlians’ sense of injustice born of industrial decline and the Hillsborough whitewash.

We here fully support city rebuilding and nowhere is that to be celebrated more than Dresden in the old East Germany.

Dresden dream

Me and Martin Luthet

Dresden was razed to the ground by the Allied firebombers in the Second World War.

But the once Renaissance city just got out the plans they had hidden away to rebuild the city brick by brick.

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit the Florence of the North (and I have) would scratch their heads.

At how this epic city is not on the World Heritage site.

Just like the old city

Golden Dresden

Stand and stare at the Frauenkirche beside the statue of Saxoner Marin Luther.

I also heard the cathedral’s preacher speak emotionally from the pulpit on how he had stood among the ruins as a child with his father.

And he had told him that they would rebuild it to its former glory.

And to put the final gloss on the awesome church the son of one of the bombers crafted a gold orb for the roof.

Drumming up support for the Elbe

Did I mention too The Dresden Zwinget, the Green Vault, the Semper Opera or the Royal Palace.

And why did UNESCO turn its nose up at Dresden-Elbe?

Because of a bridge!

Quality of Mersey

Liverpool waterfront

I have spoken before on the joys of the jewel of Merseyside before and tell everyone too of the pearl of Elbeside.

And so why have Liverpool and Dresden been cut from the World Heritage sites?

And can’t even make a list of 1100 around the world.

And that’s why I’m defending Liverpool and Dresden’s Heritage.

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