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Love this island Mallorca

Now that it’s cleansing itself from those fame-hungry reality TV stars it’s time again to love this island Mallorca.

The largest of the Balearic Islands offers much more than sun, sea, sand, stripping off and something else beginning with ‘s’.

And that ‘s’ is style as Soller.

Sun, sand and Soller

Love and carriage

Soller in the north is less charted course for most British and Irish who tend towards Magaluf on the west coast.

And you’ll hear more Guten Tags and God Dag than Awrite mate or Howiya.

The best way to reach the town is by tram which comes down from the hills.

And in two years’ time it will celebrate its centenary.

And also instead of salmon pink bodies you’ll see more tanned Teutonic and voluptuous Viking.

Drift away

Saturday night on Mallorca: The cabaret

The beauty of Mallorca though is that wherever you go on the island you can easily avoid the tourist traps.

And so on our stop-off from our Western Med cruise we stayed a few hundred metres away from Magaluf.

And a world away.

With a dinner cabaret night with The Drifters… Saturday night obvs.

Classy Cassidy

Our friends at Cassidy Travel are offering the type of Mallorca villa we all love.

Without the Stepford (or should that be Southend?) Wives and Husbands.

Stay in one of their luxury villas for seven nights from €295pp.

Their four bedrooms can accommodate eight people

And best of all the Irish Travel Agents holiday are putting it on for next month.

And that means all those Love Islanders will be gone.

So you can love this island Mallorca.


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