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La Palma and living with volcanoes

And continuing on my shout-out to my fellow award-winning colleagues it is timely to mention Matthew Hirtes, La Palma and living with volcanoes.

Matthew has become a true and trusted friend since we first met on Tenerife as part of a walking tour with

And the friendship we forged climbing in that volcanic country has yielded rewards, mostly for me, since.

Go-to man

Food for thought: With Matthew

Matthew is the Telegraph newspaper’s go-to man for hotel reviews in the Canaries.

And he is a fit as a fiddle climber who showed us all a clean pair of heels on our way up to Afur.

And through the Mount Teide national park.

The less explored but wholly more satisfying north and west of the island are formed by the volcanic activity.

Wine and the Bard

I hear that: Shakespeare’s wine

Not least the Malvasia that so seduced William Shakespeare and which he referenced in his plays.

The dramatic and worrying pictures of the volcano erupting on La Palma has us all instantly fearing for the residents.

Red hot: La Palma

The Canarians though have learned to live with the volcanoes from which their islands sprung up.

Their early warning systems have led to peremptory evacuations.

Mother Nature

Rich soil: On The Canaries

The Canarians know too that Mother Nature is the most fertile matriarch of all.

And that those who live in the valleys of the volcanoes can look forward to the richest soil to farm and grow vines.

So the good people of the La Palma and living with volcanoes is a price worth pating.


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