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Fun on the slide at sea

A relative once chided me ‘to grow up’ but where’s the joy in that? The best people are really just big kids, the types who love to have some fun on the slide at sea.

They are a multitude of reasons why cruiseheads love being out at sea.

Messing about on the water: In Barcelona

But for me one of the top things is doing stuff which you really shouldn’t be possible out on a ship at sea.

Such as a fairground.

Being thrown around on a water slide is my idea of delirium at the best of times.

Making a splash

What it says on the spin: Storm

And I’ve splashed around with the best of them in Majorca and Orlando.

All of those experiences have been on dry land (well you know what I mean).

But think about the exhileration of being spent spiralling out over the ship.

And then be twirled back around and down the chute to safety.

Royal games

Tidal Wave: Of Emotion

Well, it all goes on on Royal Caribbean.

And our pals at RC have opened the gate for us to enjoy the thrills and spills both out on the water on the English Channel and in port in Barcelona.

In no particular order, they’re offering The Edge of Ultimate Abyss (plummeting ten stories), The Blaster, The Perfect Storm (race to the bottom), Tidal Wave (plunge and propel).

And the only headfirst mat racer at sea where you’ll ride the riptide.

Rule the waves

Master: Blaster

Your appetite whetted… well you’ll want to get on board.

The new Wonder of the Seas has a seven-night Western Mediterranean cruise, sailing from Barcelona, from €1009.

So get your togs or swimsuit on and have fun on the slide at sea.





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