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Imagine dressing these trees

Tenaya Lodge, Yosemite, Mariposa: Like many up and down the land we’ve been on Christmas Tree duty but imagine dressing these trees!

With everything treesy the best starting point is those leafy mammoths out on the west coast of America.

And the biggest in Central California is Tenaya Lodge’s lobby tree, the Yosemite Mariposa.

We’re told too that it’s sustainably harvested.

The lodge just tops off a Douglas Fir each year so the rest of the tree can continue to grow healthily for years to come.

A yen for Christmas trees

Light show: Huis Ten Bosch.

Nagasaki Kingdoms of Light, Kyushu: And, hey, when it twinkles it doesn’t even matter if you’re a non-Christian country.

And winter illuminations around Christmas have become a popular attraction in cities across Japan.

Some of the country’s largest displays can be found at Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed amusement park.

And off on one of my tangents here but the Netherlands is home to both the wackiest museums and amusement parks.

Tree cheers: With my laaf pals

Such as Efteling where laafs, the Dutch version of gnomes live, and which make the best tree decorations.

Back to Japan and Huis Ten Bosch transforms into a magical wonderland during the winter season.

Don’t miss the Art Garden of Light’s glass floor or the Bungee Bridge, where visitors drop 20 metres into the garden below.

A festive celebrity in Wales

Festive castle: Fonmon

Enchanted Adventures at Fonmon Castle – Vale of Glamorgan, Wales: Elsewhere in Wales some celebrities we’ve never heard of compete to be king or queen of the castle…

While here in Fonmon they’re getting ready for a proper celeb.

There’s a Santa Show, festive lights, themed walks, rides and a festive market.

Alongside the existing popular medieval and dinosaur attractions….

And yes it’s a stretch to have dinosaurs attached to the Nativity but have we not all added on witnesses since Jesus’s birth?

Enjoy the beauty of Fonmon walled gardens too as the fortified medieval castle teams up with lighting specialists.

To create an atmospheric festive walk. Tickets start from £14.50 (+50p booking fee).


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