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Holidanxieties and Don’ts

Even for the most experienced traveller these past two years have compounded our Holidanxieties and Don’ts.

But fear not help is at hand.

Both here in your series at Holidos and Don’ts and through the experts at ParkSleepFly.

And they have only enlisted the help of psychologist Lee Chambers to help relieve your stress with these five tips.

All of which I’ll put my own spin on and lessons, all at my own expense.

Prepare a distraction

Dip your toe into Kythera in Greece

Lee recommends mindfulness and breathing exercises.

And he adds: ‘It can be useful to utilise healthy distractions.

‘Especially things that help you get into the flow, whether it be games, music or creative activities.’

And, of course, your mobile phone playlist can be your friend.

Although you’ll need to ensure that you’re plugged in so as not to wear out your charge which may have your ticket on.

Seek out too chill rooms, sleep pods and chapels.

And if you’re in Kythera airport, off the coast of Athens, then read the poetry from the books on the hooks by the seats.

Fly safe

Fly the flag: With Aer Lingus

Now everyone’s flight experiences are different.

And there’s no doubt a difficult trip can make anyone become a nervous flier.

Lee again: ‘Positive, realistic thoughts can also help, perhaps think of the hundreds of safe flights that take off and land every minute, and believe in the fact that you can handle your nerves with techniques and support.’

Sometimes even airplane fans can be brought down by nervous flyers.

And the Californian who was sick in, and passed me her sick bag, and bug was a case in point.

Not that that put me off my own flight as the queasiness didn’t kick in until later.

And that was in large part because of the services of the…

Flight attendants

Angels: Aer Lingus crew

The steward on that Aer Lingus flight to Los Angeles mopped up that particular messy moment.

A true angel in the clouds generously relocated me to another seat on my suggestion to give the lady more room.

And attending to her throughout the flight and giving her a wheelchair and first aid on arrival in LA.

‘Sharing your feelings with those you are sitting near or staff can feel a little scary, but it ensures you have support on hand.’ says Lee.

Go with the flow

Add a little colour: And destress

Expect the unexpected and be prepared to respond and you will surprise yourself.

And allay your Holidanxieties and Don’ts.

Over to Lee: ‘We all know the feeling of the stress when going on holiday, before finally arriving and just letting it flow away.

‘It is often a disruption to our routine, and knowing this can help us to feel less stressed about the unknown.’

And remember worse things happen at sea!

Keep your eye on the goal

I’m going on an adventure: Bilbo

Be guided by those who have an adventure in them.

Like Bilbo Baggins… ‘Not all those who wander are lost’.

And our friends at ParkSleepFly advise that we keep our eye on the goal.

Not everything works out the way we envisage but often it does in the end.

And if you have missed your through flight in Munich for Athens.

And you fear you’ve lost the opportunity to see the Acropolis take counsel.

Chances are you’ll find time on your way back from Kythera to see Acropolis Later.

So the last words to Lee: ‘If you do start to get anxious about your holiday going ahead, seek calming activities, and visualise yourself enjoying your break.

‘And finally, have some compassion for yourself, it’s been a very challenging two years and the reward of travelling is something we should cherish.’

Hope then that allays your Holidanxieties and Don’ts.

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