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Hakuna Matata on Kenya’s Pride Rock

It’s lion in wait there for you sundowners and Disney buffs… no worries, it’s Hakuna Matata on Kenya’s Pride Rock.

Bet you didn’t even know you knew Swahili (until Signature Experiences alerted me).

But then again we’re all polyglots aren’t we with those couple of words we learn for our summer holidays.

High old time: Simba

Now few things conjure up Africa more than The Lion King.

And Kenya in central/east Africa is at the heart of it.

Which is probably why Disney chose it for the inspiration of The Lion King’s Pride Rock.

Simba’s scene

The Borana Conservancy in Northern Kenya is where you’ll find Rafiki holding up Simba for the whole savanna to see.

And Elton John belting out The Circle of Life.

While the Rekero camp in the south-west’s Masai Mara right in the middle of the Great Migration Country replicates the lions’ stalking grounds.

Now we’ve all heard tales of the mark the traditional tribesmen people, the Masai Mara, can leave on western visitors.

And read or watched programmes where Westerners marry a warrior and move over to Kenya.

But it has been known to sometimes work the other way.

Masai Marry

Out of Africa: Kyoso Leerat and Ethiopia’s finest Meseret Tekalign

Like when my old friend Adams & Butler’s Siobhan Byrne Learat returned from her trip to Kenya with the best souvenir, her very own Masai Mara warrior Kasao Leerat.

And much like those of us kilted variety, Kasao rightly and proudly dons his African robes to promote his country and his and Siobhan’s brand.

All of which only piques the interest to visit the land of Leerat and Lions.

Elsa’s land

Elsa’s lions: In the Meru Game Reserve

Where you can also visit that other well, lion, of cinema, Elsa, popularised in the Oscar-winning Born Free.

And see her graveyard in the Meru Game Reserve Joy and George Adamson set up.

So whether it’s Hakuna Matata on Kenya’s Pride Rock.

Elsa the lioness or the Masai Mara then magical Kenya, as they brand themselves, will surely cast a spell.

And if you want to get a flavour before hotfooting it out to Africa…

Disney on stage

Then take in a production of Disney’s The Lion King wherever you find out.

And for me that was Disney on Broadway’s visit to Anaheim.

Hakuna Matata all you cool cats.



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