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St Padder’s Day on the Shannon

Covid robbed us of the snaking parade of a real St Paddy’s Day but a St Padder’s Day on the Shannon can be just as authentic.

The streets of our cities will crackle again with green felt-hatted and robed and ginger-bearded St Paddy’s Day on March 17

When, in truth, St Paddy did his work on the banks of Ireland’s longest river, the Shannon.

Legend says St Patrick drove the snakes (adders, get it and all) out of Ireland.

The uniform: For St Paddy’s Day

Although the Irish like to say they just moved to their parliament, the Dáil.

The last serpent was finally cast out along the waters of the Shannon.

When St Paddy was stopped on the river by a large snake which had twisted its way up from the sea.

Serpent time

Give ’em stick: St Paddy

St Paddy though caught the serpent and chained it to where the River Shannon meets at three points.

All of which you can imagine from your Le Boat self-drive river boat cruises.

The Shannon boasts 160kms of waterways leading visitors through historic towns steeped in Celtic heritage.

It’s marked by the ruins of castles and monasteries in the surrounding area.

Get off your boat and take in the green landscapes even more on a cycle ride along the country trails (and pubs).

Le Budget Boat

Best bar none: Toast to St Paddy

Le Boat is offering a 15% discount on all boats, valid on all departures in 2022 (not including 3-8 June).

For a minimum 7 nights, with the offer ending 31 March.

Try a seven-night self-catered cruise, starting and finishing at Le Boat’s base at Carrick-on-Shannon.

Snaking its way: On the Shannon

The Caprice Boat sleeping up to six people, arriving 28 March, is priced from £1246.15 per boat / £208 pp.

So that’s down from £1429 per boat, saving 15%).

Le Boat, who have 50 years of experience on the waterways of Europe and Canada, are giving away the prize of a dream break.

Runs from 17th March to 3rd April.

Life on the river

Dublin’s fair city: With my pal Paul

So if you find yourself stuck in a ten-deep line trying to get onto Grafton Street in Dublin with your pal who has chosen St Paddy’s Day for his flying visit…

Then you might like to know there’s a relaxing alternative.

St Padder’s Day on the Shannon.


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