If pigs could fly… Peppa can and swim too

If pigs could fly… well, Peppa can and swim too.

OK we cheated on the flying, our favourite porcine (we do like Porky too) flew a kite in an episode with George.

The swimming? Well, that’s the new adventure Peppa is embarking on with SEA LIFE.

You can meet Peppa as she dives into her adventure and makes friends with some of the oceans’ most incredible animals.

There’s a fun interactive trail at each aquarium around Britain and in Ireland.

Ad little piggies (that’s your little darlings) can help to spot seahorses, count starfish and learn about how fast sharks can swim.

As well as a variety of fun activities from bracelet making to jigsaws!

Peppa the present that keeps on giving

All the moves: Peppa the Pig

Billing it fun for the whole family SEA LIFE are promising:

  • Meet Peppa herself and designated times throughout the day (please check individual attraction websites for details)
  • Enjoy cool photo opportunities
  • Fun activity trail throughout the aquarium
  • Enjoy visual games and activities
  • Get a reward for completing the trail

Now SEA LIFE offer a top ten attractions of these islands.

So you can choose from Birmingham, Blackpool, Brighton, Great Yarmouth, Hunstanton, Manchester, Scarborough and Weymouth in England.

And scenic Loch Lomond (that’s lake to the rest of you) in Scotland.


Water view: Bray Head walk

While we’re glad too to flag up Ireland’s offering, SEA LIFE Bray in our old stomping ground of Co. Wicklow.

SEA LIFE was one of our first outings with our little piggies when we moved to Ireland, and stayed for 13 years.

Anybody who visits Dublin and has time on their hands (make some) should take the DART, the train, south to its terminus Greystones.

Train takes the strain: On the DART at Bray

And trek the coastal walk on the Bray Head Walk for spectacular views which will take you onto the Strand.

Where you’ll deserve your coffee and ice cream and a look at the wonderful creatures at SEA LIFE.

And meet Peppa.

Peppa’s prices

Family fun: Peppa’s people

So that’ll be from April 30 – July 3. Tickets from €14.50 (Included with SEA LIFE admission)

Just don’t eat a bacon sandwich, of if you do don’t tell Peppa.

So a reminder here…if pigs could fly… well, Peppa can and swim too.

And helpfully here’s a breakdown of the top ten.

The top ten


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