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Outsourcing travel to libraries

The move from the office to the house means we now do our own IT and are now outsourcing travel to libraries.

A simple task such as signing documents relies on a working home scanner.

But what do Fiftysomething technophobes do when theirs break down?

Just off to the library: North Berwick

Lean on Sarah (no, not mine, she has enough to do) at North Berwick Library who is fast providing me with a lifeline.

Libraries have, of course, come a long way since cardboard xrefs and filing cabinets.

But thankfully at their best they still preserve their majesty and mystique and the following are among my best.

Wholly Trinity

Irishhhhh: Quiet at TCD

Trinity College Library, Dublin: The time was, of course, when there were only a couple of tomes, and one in particular.

And that Good Book is still the biggest draw for visitors to Dublin.

Probably because it’s the biggest draw, with all that fancy calligraphy from patient monks in AD 500.

Reading habit

In the Strahov Monastery Brewery in Czechia

Strahov Monastery, Prague: Now the word was that there was a pub called The Library and the Office for that matter.

So you could have an excuse for not coming home.

The monks of Strahov Monastery, of course, need no such excuse…

They just saunter in from their unique place of learning to join you at their Brewery restaurant in the Castle overlooking Praha.

Dutch of education 

žCan I be trusted on a bike? In Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Library, Amsterdam: While the calligraphy is an art in itself, for library art there are few better than the Rijksmuseum.

Rijksmuseum holds over 350,000 auction, exhibition, trade, and collection catalogues, in addition to numerous books and periodicals.

Yes, indoor Amsterdam is about the brown cafes, bars, museums and art but it’s also about libraries.

Holy writ

Read the walls: And the Vatican library

Vatican Library, Vatican State: And Vatican watchers will be quick to tell you that for all the wealth and splendour out front…

There are even more riches around. So try these numbers in the library.

It holds mor than 1.1 million books, 75,000 manuscripts, and over 8,500 incunabula.

And fittingly, it boasts the oldest complete manuscript of the Bible.

Classic Capitol

And the news from the Capitol: In Washington

Library of Congress, Washington DC: Now it’s no stretch to say that Washington DC’s institutions were built in the image of ancient Rome.

And no more so than on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Where, of course, you’ll find the USA’s oldest federal cultural institution.

And because everything is bigger in America then we’ve saved the biggest numbers for the last.

It has more than 61 million manuscripts and a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.

One of only four perfect vellum copies of the Gutenberg Bible in the world, over one million newspapers from the last three centuries.

And over five million maps, six million pieces of sheet music, and more than 14 millions photos and prints.

So, as of days of yore we’re in safe hands outsourcing travel to libraries.













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