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St George and Cappadocia

He’s still slaying them so on this his saints’ day we celebrate St George and Cappadocia.

Come again… surely there’s nobody more English than St George.

Well, actually everybody, which is why we’re shining a light on Turkey’s showpiece.

Cappadocia’s popularity has, well ballooned with the growth of social media.

All those shots of underground cities and Instas of sunsets and, yes, all those balloons.

Be expedient

Up, up and away: Cappadocia

Expedia offers all-inclusive holidays to allow you to concentrate on melding into your cavernous village experience.

And here in Anatolia, Asian Turkey (the big bit) you can go old school and travel on horse or camel back.

While you’ll munch on local sweet delicacies or haggle your way around a Turkish bazaar.

Crave a cave

My cup of tea: Turkey


The Hera Cave Suites in Nevsehir do what they say on the tin.

You want to know more about Nevsehir and the Hera Suites and its 28 accommodations.

Well, they’re in the city centre and in a national park.

While Göreme Roman Castle and Roman Castle are local landmarks.

And the area’s natural beauty can be seen at Göreme National Park and Aydın Kırağı.

All for £80 per night. And with the airport just 39 minutes drive (or balloon) away you’re ideally situated.

So get yourself out on your peerless Turkish Airlines flight.

Cappadocia caps it

Fly high: With Turkish Airlines

Cappadocia has come a long way since the days when the Dragon was the biggest thing in the sky.

And anyway St George, whose tales the crusaders brought back with them to England, slew him.

Have a great national day today whether you’re English, Ethiopian, Georgian, Catalan, Aragones or a Muscovite.

But remember that it’s St George and Cappadocia and reach for the skies in Turkey’s Balloon region.


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