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The Chunnel and other burrows

As we mark 28 years today of linking old enemies England and France some thoughts on the Chunnel, Germany’s tunnel king and other burrows.

Queen Elizabeth II and then-President of France Francois Mitterand cut the ribbon of The Channel Tunnel back in 1994.

And for the first time since The Ice Age the two land masses that became England and France were linked.

Chic Chunnel

Going underground: Tunneling


Now that’s 25 miles and each day, about 30,000 people, 6,000 cars and 3,500 trucks journey through the Chunnel.

And among them on one occasion, La Famille Murty, travelling from a Dickens of a good break in Kent to Paris.

There’s no denying that the Chunnel has made travelling between the two countries, easier, with London-Paris two and a hours.

The old romantic in me though prefers seeing the White Cliffs of Dover in my rear view mirror en route to France.

Der Bridge

Above ground: It’s up the other side

Tunnels, naturellement, are our technological solution to bringing countries and parts of countries together.

And growing up in Glasgow, the Clyde Tunnel opened up the other side of the city to us in a way it didn’t afford my forebears.

For some dirt and tunnels are in their blood.

Such as the German Tunnel King and his girlfriend we broke bread with (more like lobster) with MSC around the fjords.

Our traverse through the Alter Elbtunnel
which is Hamburg‘s most popular attraction.

A pedestrian walkway the 426-metre underpass connects the Landungsbrücken piers with the port.

And a naughty tunnel

Yes, it is: And it’s a tunnel

And while we historically celebrate our tunnel kings and are rightly proud of our joint-venture with the French…

A tilt too to the efficient Germans.

And that’s even before we heil the acclaimed Wanktunnel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria.

We’ll get back to that another time but for now here’s to…

The Chunnel, one of the world’s modern wonders, Germany’s tunnel king and other burrows.


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