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Super Mario is Universal

And get the tiny fiddle out, I should be in the Golden State now where the talk is that Super Mario is Universal.

The overalled one and his bro Luigi are on a mission with us invited along for the ride.

Universal promise (and they always deliver) to transport us into the world of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach to be part of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Now for those of us who were there at the beginning there was pretty much only Super Mario and FIFA.

And there was no manual as to how get further than the end of your arm.

Thankfully Universal are here to help those of us who are stuck at the start.

Time Warp

Ride on: The Super Mario Kart

Guests will access SUPER NINTENDO WORLD via the Warp Pipe to enter the land for the “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” ride located within Bowser’s Castle.

And what’s more you’ll get your plumber’s vibe on with head-mounted augmented reality (AR) goggles.

From the depths of the dungeon within Bowser’s Castle, you’ll be sent on your way by Lakitu.

Promising that it suits all levels (even me) it’ll steer you through courses underwater and in the clouds to compete for the Golden Cup.

While obvs collecting coins to defeat Team Bowser and win.

Coin it in

The Plumbers’ dance: Mario and Luigi

“Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” raises the stakes for guests as an intriguing and repeatable ride with a variety of outcomes.

To build up the excitement for the early 2023 opening you’ll get to enjoy the Feature Presentation retail store.

And it is well stocked with SUPER NINTENDO WORLD merchandise such as Mario and Luigi themed apparel.

Fantasy land: Orlando

And iconic character hats and a selection of plush characters, including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser.

And reward yourself: At Pat O’Brien’s, CityWalk, Universal

This being Orlando and Universal then you’ll not be able to move for Mario and Luigi lookalikes… and that’s the way we like it.

Because Super Mario is Universal.





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