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The USA the land of the free from Covid pre-tests

And let’s sing it from the rooftops… the USA the land of the free from Covid pre-tests.

But what do I do now with my Prenetics test kit?

The talk was a month out from the announcement that the pre-tests would be lifted only for President Biden’s attention to be diverted.

But now by the grace of God we can at last report that the restrictions have at last been lifted.

It’s all about us

This is the best news for travel providers who deal with the American market, the US, our countries and most especially… us.

Because the stress and the fear for families who sat nervously the day before departure to see if anyone tested positive was off the scale.

Not to mention the cost.

For this Americanophile thankfully my test was negative and I got myself out to New England.

A New England, New US

The key to Yale: With Handsome Dan XI

Where I found the Stars and Stripes waving proudly, the people of good cheer and most importantly delighted to welcome us back.

It has been a long two years that’s for sure.

We could, of course, dwell on what we’ve missed out over that time…

A road trip in the Florida Keys, a Chicago prohibition trip, Dublin in California, Vegas revisited, whale-watching in Oregon and Universal fun in Orlando.

But it is better to look ahead to a whole New World opening up again to us.

And the American Travel Fair moves on from the resounding success of IPW 2022 to San Antonio 2023.

And the completion of a mission to see the most famous fortification of the frontiers.

Bigger in Texas

Every year I would meet these proud Texans at their stand and we’d discuss its progress.

And, yes, I always remember the Alamo.

And that and many adventures await now that we can say finally it’s The USA the land of the free from Covid pre-tests.


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